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January 18th, 2019

The South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council is asking for public scoping comments on two upcoming amendments.  Scoping is the first stage in the process to amend a fishery management plan and offers the public an opportunity to comment on options being considered.  These amendments are:

- Modifications to Recreational Accountability Measures

- Comprehensive ABC Control Rule Amendment 

  You can register to view two webinar sessions on January 23rd and 24th,  which will explain the amendments. Written comments are due to the council by February 1st.  For more information, go to:

SFA Staff Update

On December 31, 2018, SFA will say farewell to its long-time, exceptional Executive Director Bob Jones. His legacy is extraordinary and SFA looks forward to “carrying the torch” into the new future of the Southeastern Fisheries Association.

Interim Executive Director: Laurie Stevens                     

Laurie has served SFA for the past 10 years on a variety of projects including producing the annual meeting.  Over the past 6 months, she has served as the Transition Director, leading the Board of Directors through the various tasks and decisions following Bob’s retirement announcement.  On January 1, 2019, she will assume the role as Interim Executive Director.

Regional Director: Tad Mask                                    

Tad grew up watching his grandfather Bob Jones lead SFA as he represented the commercial fishing industry throughout the region.  He worked in and managed seafood restaurants in St. Augustine, Florida during his college years and beyond. He is excited to continue the tradition of advocating for the fishermen. He will be working to connect and establish relationships with current members, government partners and seafood industry stakeholders. 

SFA Membership Manager: Katy McGlynn

Katy joined SFA this summer to assist in the reorganization of the association.  She brings a strong background developed through leadership roles in customer service, regulatory compliance, and business development. Katy is helping SFA establish new processes and systems for strategic strength and growth.

Click here for National Fisherman Article on outgoing Executive Director Bob Jones 

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